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November 10, 2012

Version 2.0 Released

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After two years of development, version 2 of Work Time Studio has been released on Aug 6, 2012. Version 2 includes many bug fixes, as well as some major enhancements. The major difference in version 2 is the use of the PostgreSQL database engine, which is very fast, robust and full featured. Version 2 takes advantage of some of the features of postgres in the new Database Utilities dialog. Another new feature is the addition of the WorkItem Links Pane which allows you to store and associate URL and file links to any WorkItem in your Activity Tree. The Links Pane also allows you to store links to other WorkItems, as a way to associate WorkItems in a manner different than the parent/child relationships. All types of links can be easily created simply by dragging and dropping URLs or files onto a WorkItem in the Activity_Tree, or by dropping them directly into the Links pane.

Work Time Studio is also now fully unicode compliant. You will be able to create, edit and save all your data in your own language, including WorkItems, Links, Notes, and even many of the WorkItem property values.

Another nice feature added to version 2 is the ability to view properties and notes of WorkItems by just hovering your mouse over the WorkItem. This feature can be turned on or off for the Activity Tree or the Quick Tree. The Prioritizer has also changed, to allow the selection of a WorkItem in the Activity Tree by double clicking on that WorkItem in the Prioritizer. You can also drag and drop WorkItems from the Prioritizer to the Activity Calendar.

We have also introduced a new Property for WorkItems, called the Billing Rate

We’ve decided to now offer a Lite version of Work Time Studio to users. This Lite version is absolutely free, and has limited functionality compared to the standard version. Regardless of the limited functionality, we are still certain that the Lite version provides more task and time management features than most other full featured task and time management software systems you pay for.

There’s just too many new additions and fixes in version 2 to list here, so please see the Build Log for more details, and download the latest version today. Version 2 allows you to try out the standard version for 30 days. Afterwards, it will revert to the Lite version, and keep all your data intact.

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March 13, 2010

Version 1.4.0 of Work Time Studio has just been released!

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Version 1.4.0 of Work Time Studio has just been Released!  This latest version of Work Time Studio features many enhancements, including greater compatibility with 3rd party graphics drivers.  Also, Work Time Studio now complies with the default user data path standards for Vista and Windows 7.

One of the main features added to this version is the ability to easily schedule your activities by dragging and dropping your WorkItems from any of you WorkItem hierarchies to the Activity Calendar.  You can also now drag and drop WorkItems from the Prioritizer to the Activity Calendar, making it easier than ever to schedule those important tasks and activities that are high on your list.

Another feature we’ve added is the ability to unpin any of the primary or secondary docking panes while they are floated on your desktop.  When you unpin a floated pane, the pane will collapse so only it’s title bar is displayed on the desktop.  Place your mouse over the pane’s title bar, and the pane will expand to it’s previous size.  So, you can now keep your favorite panes on the desktop in an unpinned state so they take up little room, where they will be instantly available.

Adding links to your files in the WorkItem Notes pane is now possible, with the new ‘Insert File Link’ toolbar button.  When you insert a link to a file, clicking on the link will open that file with the application which is associated to that file.

There are many more new features in this version which you can see for yourself by downloading Work Time Studio.  You’ll see why we can promise that Work Time Studio is guaranteed to increase your efficiency, and why it’s the best solution to manage your projects, tasks and time.

Check out the new features in Version 1.4.0 by downloading a free 30 day trial version today.

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February 27, 2010

Version 1.3.2 of Work Time Studio has been released!

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Version 1.3.2 of Work Time Studio has been released.

Although this is a minor update, it is a very important one.  This update adds the ability for users to set theirown date and time formats.  So, users are no longer limited to English date and time formats, and have a wide variety of date formats to select from.  Users also have the ability to specify whether you would like to use 12 hour or 24 hour time formats.

We feel this will allow users from all over the globe to take better advantage of Work Time Studio’s features, and are exited about this version’s release.

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February 21, 2010

Version 1.3.0 of Work Time Studio has been released!

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Version 1.3.0 of Work Time Studio has been released! This new version introduces an number of new features to Work Time Studio, and also fixes some minor issues. One of the main features introduced in this version is the ability to use tabbed toolbars for any of the primary or secondary panes. Tabbed toolbars take up much less room than their standard toolbar counterparts. Tabbed toolbars also organize the various toolbar button commands into logical groups (tabs).

Another added feature to version 1.3.0 is the ability to recursively expand any WorkItem branch, simply by holding the [Ctrl] key while expanding the branch. You can also hold down the [Shift] key while expanding a branch, to force the display of all children in the branch regardless of the hidden status types for that branch.

We have had many requests to enhance the tray icon for Work Time Studio, so we have included many enhancements to the tray icon, and added many operations to Work Time Studio while it’s in a minimized state. You can now specify the action to take when double clicking on the tray icon. You can also include handy menu commands to the tray icon menu, such as changing the clocked state of the current WorkItem, or toggling any of the primary or secondary panes on the desktop.

Event reminder popups now display the start time of the associated event, as well as the amount of time until the event’s start time. Event reminder handling also works better in this new version.

Work Time Studio now also provides a What’s New section in its context help. This allows you to quickly see what new features have been added to the latest version.

We invite you to try version 1.3.0 of Work Time Studio for yourself, to see how you can manage your time, projects, tasks, or any other activity more efficiently and effectively. You’ll see how Work Time Studio can fill your time, project and task management needs and more.

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February 2, 2010

Version 1.2.0 of Work Time Studio Released!

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Version 1.2.0 of Work Time Studio has been released. This is an important update to Work Time Studio, because it introduces ‘WorkItem Events’. WorkItem events are events which are assigned to WorkItems. What are events, you may ask? Events in Worktime Studio offer you a way to schedule your activities, and set reminders to yourself for any reason at all. Not only can reminders be set to remind you to start a task or project, they can remind you of deadlines, birthdays, anniversaries, to water your plants… well, I think you get the picture.

The introduction of WorkItem events allows you to use Work Time Studio in even more ways. You can assign a category to any of your events. Work Time Studio includes some common event categories like Meeting, Deadline, Appointment, Birthday, and more. And, of course, you know that with Work Time Studio’s flexibility you can even add your own event categories.

You can view, edit, and maintain your WorkItem events from within the Activity Tree or the Activity Calendar. That’s right, WorkItem events will show up within the Activity Calendar! Scared you won’t be able to distinguish your intervals from the events? Don’t be. Events are displayed with a specific colored border (which you can change) which distinguishes them from WorkItem intervals. Double clicking on an event in the calendar allows you to edit the properties of the event, just as double clicking on an interval allows you to edit properties of the interval.

Need events to be recurring? You’ll love the recurrence options that the events provide. Each occurrence of the event will display on the calendar, showing you when it will occur. Need to be reminded of your events? No problem! Each event allows you to set a reminder, and a lead time for the reminder. You will then be reminded when the event is ‘triggered’ by either a popup notification or by the Event Reminders Manager, your choice. You can even customize where the popup notifications are displayed on your monitor, set their color, how long they are displayed, animation method, as well as other properties of the popups. You can even set a default snooze time for events so that if you don’t perform an action on the popup reminder in a given amount of time, the reminder will automatically snooze for that default duration you specify.

We feel that WorkItem events will add many possibilities to the way you use Work Time Studio, and we’re sure you will fall in love with the new features that WorkItem events offer.

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